Manasi Kirloskar

Executive Director and CEO, Kirloskar Systems Limited

Manasi is a proud scion to one of India’s oldest, established and most reputed business families in India. A rich and timeless legacy and a family name standing for ethics and integrity of over 130 years.

She was also announced as the first Young Business Champion for the SDGs by the UN in India in October 2018.

Manasi has the challenge of building on her Legacy on one hand and following her dreams and passions as an individual on the other with her independent ventures. Balancing both and growing in each with success, Manasi is moving up rapidly as a young business icon and entrepreneur.

In addition to this, she has set up the Real Estate arm and worked with her mother Mrs. Geetanjali Kirloskar to set up their Financial Services Division.

At a young age of 14, she started community service which now has been registered as her own non-profit venture “Caring with Colour” thus become a social entrepreneur.

Manasi is a talented and trained painter who exhibited her first works of art at the age of 13!

23 large oils on canvas were part of this exhibition. With an inbuilt talent for painting, Manasi pursued her graduation from the reputed Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA degree.

Manasi’s interests include mountaineering, deep sea diving, tennis and water sports. Her list of adventures varies from night sea diving in the Maldives, hiking in the Himalayas at the base camp Kanchenjunga, river rafting in the Ganges to mention a few. She has traveled across the world to visit art galleries and museums and places of historical value.