Neil S. Gaikwad

Ph.D., MIT Media Lab

Neil S. Gaikwad, Maharashtra, India
Co-chair MIT India Conference, 2019
Lead, Conference content strategy and stakeholder relationships

Neil Gaikwad is a doctoral researcher and an MIT arts scholar, specializing in human-centered artificial intelligence.  His doctoral research advances satellite powered precision agriculture to help prevent farmers’ suicides, and is a part of the MIT’s Quest for Intelligence. 

Neil is one of the co-founders and principal co-creators of Daemo, a self-governed crowdsourcing marketplace, and EteRNA, a crowd-computing technology that harnesses human-machine collaboration to help solve computational problems that neither humans nor machines can solve alone. EteRNA has been reached over 100,000 citizen scientists across the world, and was featured in Werner Herzog’s film “Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”.

Neil’s research has been published in top-tier artificial intelligence conferences and featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg, WIRED, and the Wall Street Journal. His photography artwork has been published in National Geographic. Some of his honors include MIT Graduate Teaching award, IJCAI Distinguished Program Committee Member, ACM UIST Honorable Mention, and MIT Arts Scholar.

Neil comes from the Western Ghats (Sahyadri) of India and one of the major missions of his life is to democratize the STEAM opportunities to empower people across the globe. In this pursuit, he transitioned from quantitative finance industry (Wall Street) to MIT. For more information, see his MIT webpage.