MIT-India Conference 2013 Panel on Entrepreneurship

Over the past few years India has seen a massive surge in the world of entrepreneurship.

More and more people are starting entrepreneurial ventures catering to the many insatiable needs of the nation. Of these ventures, some have managed to become large enterprises and now they occupy a formidable position in their respective sectors. However, there are many others that showed great promise in the initial stages but failed as they tried to scale up.

What are the challenges in scaling up a startup in India? How are these challenges different from startups in other parts of the world? Is it the mindset of the Indian entrepreneur? Is it the eco-system or lack thereof?

This panel will address the challenges associated with scaling a startup to a large enterprise and why some startups succeed while others fail in the process.


Dr. Vinay Raivinayrai


ASSOCHAM National Council on Education, Employability & Social Justice


Rai Foundation

Dr. Loredana Padurean

Professor of operations and entrepreneurship

Lasell College in Newton, MA

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