Panel 1 - Governance The role of the government in promoting social justice for a group of people as vast and diverse as the Indian population. Showcasing case studies from various non-profit orgs in dealing with corruption within the government agencies that they deal with.

Panel 2 - EntrepreneurshipExploring the current explosion of entrepreneurial ventures in India and their impact on the Indian society. What are the challenges and what is being done right?

Panel 3 - Role of Diaspora: Advancing Indo-US economic tiesHow does the Indian diaspora affect and influence the diplomatic, economic and cultural exchange of ideas between the US and India.

Panel 4 - Connecting with India Culturally | In the ‘Connecting with India Culturally’ panel, we take a look at the impact of Indian culture on the business environment of India, with a view to educating overseas professionals on how to connect with the Indian mindset.

Panel 5 - Information TechnologyIT has allowed India to shine on the global stage and become the software powerhouse that it is today. We hope to discuss the challenges of the industry today and where it is going tomorrow. “Needs of Indian IT/ITES sector: Innovation in business model, ecosystem, and education.”